Green City's Services in the St. Croix Valley:

Landscape Design and Installation
From tree and shrub borders to retaining walls and patios, Green City Gardeners can help you. We use hardy plants well suited to your site and soil type. Whether it’s creating a formal look, or a more natural, flowing design, we’re mindful of your wishes, and the functions of your yard.
Lake Barrier Ecosystem Plantings
Creating lakeshore planting areas is critical to enhance water quality of our lakes and rivers. We design buffer zones that are attractive and functional, keeping in mind your need for beach, boat, and dock space.
Rain Gardens
Water runoff into our lakes, streams, and ponds is an important environmental issue. A simple Rain Garden will help water infiltrate the soil and add to the ground water, instead of running off directly into storm sewers. This will not only keep our waterways cleaner, but replenish our depleting aquifers. A rain garden will also be a beautiful addition to your landscape, and help to attract birds, butterflies, and other wildlife.
Garden Designs
If you’re looking for a sweeping perennial border reminiscent of old England, or a vegetable or herb garden, we can create it for you. Longing for a long-blooming, colorful, perennial garden with plenty of blooms to cut for a vase? Perhaps a butterfly and bird haven? You’re limited only by your imagination.
Indigenous Species Plantings
As much as you might want a palm tree in your yard, it’s the native plants that are suited to our soils and climates. Doesn’t it make sense to use them as much as possible? We know which of these to use, and where to use them.
Seasonal Plantings and Containers
Annual plantings, colorful container plantings, spring daffodils and tulips can all be a part of a complete garden. We create beautiful seasonal plantings with tried-and-true plant selections.


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